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Apple and Worm Red Edition Resin Figure by T. L. McBeth


T. L. McBeth announces his first resin toy, Apple and Worm : Red Edition. The sculpture captures the awkward silence as Apple and Worm realize each other’s existence. Each hand painted resin sculpture stands at 6in tall and will be priced at $100.00 USD. Act fast because there are only 9 pieces available worldwide. Shipping in the USA is $15.00 USD, for an international shipping please contact T. L. directly at - McBeth.Illustration@gmail.com
Available now at - http://www.tlmcbeth.com/shop
Website - www.TLMcBeth.com 
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/t.l.mcbeth (@t.l.mcbeth)
Twitter - https://twitter.com/T_L_Mcbeth (@T_L_Mcbeth)



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