Basement Puke Presents: SUMMER IS THE PITS

Basement Puke Presents: SUMMER IS THE PITS

Basement Puke has gathered together some amazing artists to paint toys for the Summer is the Pits: A Big Stinky Drop event.  In this drop you will find painted versions of Basement Puke's first vinyl toy, Alva, painted versions of the newest toy, Sam, and painted versions of the middle child SHRLNDLN, which is produced in the USA by Mile High Sofubi.  There will also be a first run of GID SHRLNDLN.

The amazing artists involved all have their wonderful space within the toy community.  Phobia Toys has created some rad versions of Sam and SHRLNDLN, with a nice surprise. EPSW, while new to painted vinyl toys, has been making weird and amazing stuff for a while and painted Alva like a dream.  Omni-Rez, also a newcomer to vinyl painting, did an amazing job with his wild SHRLNDLN. Slugger toys offers some classic sprays on Sam and Alva and is a vinyl toy maker doing such rad things. NubiN is an amazing painter and did some wild work on Sam and Alva.  Lindsay DiFabbio, a true toy genius over at Cherry Moth Cake, gave Sam a sweet sparkly and rainbow spin. False Idols toys, another awesome resin artist, gives all three toys a classic wild grossed out look. Erik Jacobus, a true toymaker, made Sam look wonderful and shiny.  TripleBummer helped bring out the gross cute in both Sam and Alva.

Now, come get some.

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