Benny Kine Interviewed by Norm Chan for

Benny Kine Interviewed by Norm Chan for

Tenacious Toys on

Norm Chan from Adam Savage's stopped by our NYCC booth to chat with Benny about Tenacious Toys, covering topics such as how and why we pick the artists we work with, as well as the products that we stock.




Despite Benny's mealy-mouthed, geriatric rambling on about designer toys, and the fact that he didn't actually directly answer any of Norm's questions, the fantastic editing team at made this interview SEEM like it actually made sense.

Benny blames the common affliction CONBRAIN which tends to strike vendors on the second full day of any convention. The only known remedy is sleep, beer and hamburgers.

Big ups to Norm for the sweet interview opportunity, which you can watch here on YouTube.

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