“Bette Davis Eyes” Resin Art Toy from Pickman’s Vinyls

“Bette Davis Eyes” Resin Art Toy from Pickman’s Vinyls

Pickman’s Vinyls is excited to present their first resin Art Toy of 2020, titled Bette Davis Eyes, based on an original character by Mike Alvarez Art. 

Standing 6.25 inches tall in total, Bette Davis Eyes depicts a lonely skeleton staring wistfully as bright blue spirits extend from its eye sockets. 

Comprised of four hand cast elements, the piece features a ball jointed neck, ball socket eyes/ghosts, and has been designed to balance in multiple poses with one or both spirits attached. 

Additionally, each piece will include a mini print of all new artwork of the character by Mike Alvarez Art. 

Bette Davis Eyes will be available for preorder starting Friday, January 31st at 8pm CST, with a price point of $30.00 USD, plus shipping. Shipping is expected to begin mid February. 

To preorder, go to www.pickmansvinyls.bigcartel.com 

Designs and Character Art by Mike Alvarez: @zaracis
Sculpt, Cast and Production by Pickman: @pickmansvinyls

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