Bigshot Toys Launches Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian on Kickstarter July 12

Bigshot Toys Launches Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian on Kickstarter July 12


Shi-Shi mini figures

Bigshot Toys, known across the globe for their highly creative and fantastically designed art toys, proudly presents their next epic creation... a character sure to melt your heart and capture your imagination... Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian! The moment you gaze into those big, adorable eyes, you'll want to make Shi-Shi your new friend. Luckily, Bigshot has a Kickstarter for that!
Shi-Shi 4" sofubi - Clear
It's likely you've seen Shi-Shi before. Her parents stand at the gates of the Forbidden City in China, steadfast stone lion protectors for generations. Under her mother's great paw she lies, awaiting her calling to explore her powers, and honing them against the darkness lurking around every corner. Like the brave Guardians before her, Shi-Shi is a natural born protector with an ingrained sense of justice. One so tiny must train hard to take on such a monumental responsibility... but great things have small beginnings.
Shi-Shi 6" resin - stone color
Shi-Shi's amazing ability to imitate the elements she encounters turns out to be the perfect excuse for a wide array of colorways for the toy line. Kickstarter backers will be able to choose from blind boxed mini figures in 4 different color ways and two different sculpts, 4 inch sofubi figures in 7 different colors (including a Gold Glitter edition EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter), or 6 inch resin statues in classic Stone and regal Bronze colors.
Shi-Shi 6" resin Bronze color
Rewards range in price from $12 for a single mini figure, up to $125 for the 6-inch resin statue. Several combos encourage backers to abandon all self-restraint and collect many different Shi-Shi figures all at once, and save a little bit of money in the process.
While most Kickstarters begin the production process after the campaign ends, Bigshot Toys has fast forwarded this lengthy process by designing, developing, prototyping and tooling the factories before launching the Kickstarter. For backers, this means they will receive their rewards much faster, as the factories are poised to go into production immediately upon conclusion of the Shi-Shi campaign.
The Shi-Shi Kickstarter officially launches on Friday, July 12th.
After two years of tireless work, Shi-Shi is ready to be born. A tiny protector for every collector!

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