coarse toys Announces Meltdown Alter Ego & The Long Goodbye

coarse toys Announces Meltdown Alter Ego & The Long Goodbye

Dessert is served

Have a taste.
Take your time.
He won't feel a thing.

Our second vinyl art release of 2018 has been a long time in the making. From conception to sculpting to crafting the first editions in our Los Angeles studio, we have spent hundreds of hours preparing a unique treat to cool you off on these hot summer days.

Meltdown is a life-size 16'' [40 cm] vinyl bust. With our usual premium production quality and intricate details, this impressive dessert is available in two recipes. Alter Ego [limited to 299 pieces] will give you a sugar rush with vanilla and butterscotch ice cream topped with vibrant berry fruit syrups, rainbow sprinkles, and a maraschino cherry. The Long Goodbye [limited to 199 pieces] uses pink and purple fruit sorbets, pastel syrups and sprinkles, and a pink cherry to calm you down in a permanent heatwave. Both recipes are served with a spoon to maximize pleasure so you can devour the confection before it melts out of noop’s mouth.

Meltdown captures noop’s euphoria leaving him as temperatures get irreversibly warmer. While a steady flow of cream begins oozing down his chin, the landscape inside him slowly changes shape. noop is powerless as sea levels rise, droughts persist, and the environment as a whole takes a turn for the worse. A spoon is waiting there for you to take a bite of his happiness before it leaves him forever.

Both editions of Meltdown come with with a split-open noop packed with scoops of mouthwatering ice cream, vibrant fruit syrups, trails of cloud-white whipped cream, a dash rainbow sprinkles, one juicy cherry, and an iridescent “c-o-a-r-s-e” spoon firmly secured into the delectable cranial dessert. The sculptures are securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge.

Sometimes before we can face reality we need to escape it for a moment. So savor every spoonful. His loss is your reward. 

Pick your flavor

Meltdown – Alter Ego
US$ 360
Limited to 299 pieces

Meltdown – The Long Goodbye
US$ 360
Limited to 199 pieces

Meltdown will go on sale September 1, 2018 at the following times exclusively at

08:59 am Los Angeles
11:59 am New York
05:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong

The pre-sale for F&F and F&F plus+ members is now open.

Each set contains one Family & Friends application card. Collect three of these cards to have access to pre-bookings of all releases, an exclusive benefit for Family & Friends members.

Visit online for more details and engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Alter Ego colorway above, The Long Goobye colorway below:

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