Compton III Releases 9-inch Resin SPY BOY

Compton III Releases 9-inch Resin SPY BOY

Just heard from New Orleans artist Comptom III about his recent release of SPY BOY:

I’m Compton III (aka @JustCOOLCompton) an artist from New Orleans, LA USA, this past weekend Dec. 28 I released my debut art toy project “SPY BOY” here at a local shop called Sneaker Politics.

What/Who is SPY BOY?

He’s the debut Art Toy created by Compton III, based on Mardi Gras Indians of the culturally rich city New Orleans. SPY BOY was developed with the thought of paying homage to heritage with a modern twist and to show the world one of our lesser known traditions, he embodies cultural significance

-Compton III -New Orleans, LA USA

-Instagram @justcoolcompton / @compton.iii / @spacebroccoli.usa

SPY BOY by Compton III - project details:

  • Material: Resin, acrylic paint
  • Suit Color: Legacy Orange
  • Size: 9.5 in. tall
  • Run Size-Limited to 300 Worldwide (To commemorate the 300th year of New Orleans(NOLA)
  • Hand Painted,
  • Hand Manufactured
  • Price-$350
  • Release date- Dec 28th 2018

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