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DCON 2019: One-Eyed Girl at Booth 1825

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One of the better things about Designer Con as an event is being able to have more face to face time with artists like Kasey Tararuj, aka One-Eyed Girl. Setting up shop this year at Booth #1825, Kasey will be sharing a booth with artist Zard Apuya. Always one to bring a wide assortment of customs and original sculpted pieces, the pieces seen here are probably just a small sample of the plethora to come. All of these original sculpted pieces are also hand painted and will be available at Designer Con 2019. The Veggies are priced at $100 a piece, while the Diner Dudes have a range from $65-115. The Delicious looking Teeny Tiny 3" Mini Milkshake Parties are $65 a piece. For those attending Designer Con 2019, be sure to make your way over to Booth #1825 and take a look at all the goodies Kasey will have on hand. Say hello and have a chat, it's fun.

Social Media info for One-Eyed Girl
Instagram - @kctararuj - https://www.instagram.com/kctararuj/

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