Dead Inside - A Depression Awareness Custom Release by Kendra's Customs

Kendra writes:


I am calling this release "Dead Inside" and want it to be a Depression Awareness release. 
"We can all look lovely on the outside, but no one but us knows what's going on, on the inside"
When: Wednesday (April 8th) at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST
Prices: Range from $100-$225
3" Janky
6" Tall Tails by Motley Miscreations
4" Stitches (my figure, 2 different ones)
5" Dunny
How this release will work - Since Etsy has been giving people problems when I do a new release, I have decided to just post each piece up individually on my facebook page. Hopefully this makes it more fair for everyone!  (If this doesn't work, I will revert back to Etsy)

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