Diener Space Creatures XL by Last Resort Toys

Diener Space Creatures XL by Last Resort Toys

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We are super stoked that Last Resort Toys are expanding their "XL" concept by turning to the Diener Space Creatures! The Diener Space Creatures were small eraser toys from... back when we actually used pencils.

The "Winged Amphibian Creature" is the first figure from this series that is getting the super-sized treatment - this figure will be produced in vinyl at a giant 8.75" inches tall and in the original colors that the mini figure originally came in: green and yellow as pictured.

I was able to snag one of the last "Early Bird Specials" which got me one of these sweet figures at $75! There are 2 Early Birds left, but even at the regular price of $80 for the 8.75" figure, the price is a really good value.

Click here to back the KS and get your own Winged Amphibian Creature! Love this sculpt!!!

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