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EPIC MAIL DAY: Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 3 by Argonaut Resins

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Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 3

I realize that this may be an extremely frustrating blog post for many of you, but I had to share this wonderful blue GID Tuttz Fairy Cat figure that we just received from Argonaut Resins. Eric is fantastically talented at the design and production of his original resin characters. They are so SO CLEAN and perfect.

Eric tends to release his figures, like this third wave of his Fairy Cats, pretty randomly. Once released, you can pick up his resins in his shop here, but to keep on top of his future releases, your best bet is to follow his blog here. Basically, he will randomly update his blog and let everyone know what's about to drop in the shop.

You will never be disappointed with the quality. In fact, the quality of the Argonaut resin figures may make you second guess the other resin figures in your collection... they're that good. END started working in resin before most of us knew what resin was. Big ups to END, godfather of "designer" resin toys!


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