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Furry Feline Creatives Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Bull Crap & Holy Crap Plushies

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- furry feline kickstarter plush

FFC writes:

Cheri has been hand-making these poop plushies ever since the beginning and always gets sold out every batch she makes! Last year we released The King of the Throne Toilet Plush & The Zombie Poop Plushies at the San Diego Comic Con 2018, the poop plushies are interchangeable, & the toilet throne has a flushing sound too! This is very unique & awesome that at the Preview Night at SDCC, we've sold out in 3 hours! We have to get more at the warehouse the following day to supply the whole show!

This year we've created 2 new poop characters, the Bull Crap, & the Holy Crap plushies that you can interchange with the King of the Throne Toilet Plush & Zombie Poop Plushies.




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