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Introducing: Art Keys featuring some of your favorite lowbrow / pop surrealist artists


Introducing a brand-new lifestyle brand: Look Keys (@LookKeys)!!!

This will be a collection of Art Keys featuring extremely talented artists in our scene.  These are ready-to-cut house keys that can be used in place of the standard, plain metal keys most of us carry around. The Art Key lineup features designs from  Alex PardeeAmanda Louise SpaydAmanda VisellAndrea KangChris RWKChris RyniakGreg 'Craola' SimkinsHyperactive MonkeyJermaine RogersJoe LedbetterJ*RYUJulie WestkaNOReactor-88Sket-One and Yoskay Yamamoto--16 in all.

The keys are open-run, retail for $10 and are available in two different key types (Schlage and Kwikset) which covers about 95% of USA household locks. 
Once you purchase an Art Key, you can take it to a hardware store to have it made into a copy of your existing key and from then on, have one of the best-looking keys out there. 
Unlike most decorated keys which feature designs printed/applied directly to the key surface, Look Keys feature a semi-rigid clear resin dome that protects the art.  After a few months of use, these Art Keys  look great, while the designs on the printed ones start to look worse and worse as bits of the design rub off or fade. 

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