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Isolation Inner Child Custom Series by Nerviswr3k now available

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- custom nerviswr3k

BUY ISOLATION HERE: https://www.nerviswrek.com/product-page/innerchild-w-display-case

Isolation is a 3 inch original, handsculpted figure made out of supersculpey and magicsculpt. it is painted using acrylics and adorned with faux grass, all encased in a plastic base with acrylic clear dome. 

the name "Isolation" just touches on keeping yourself isolated, guarded and on defense. never letting one closer, past that dome around yourself.  the base and dome measure 5 inches.
this figure is available for purchase on the Nerviswr3k website, it is an edition of 10 one of a kind sculpts. retail price is $100 + shipping.
ig: @nerviswr3k

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