Jcorp x 1xRun x LISA Project - 2021 Pride print project to benefit LISA & True Colors United ! ! !

Jcorp x 1xRun x LISA Project - 2021 Pride print project to benefit LISA & True Colors United ! ! !

Commemorating 52 years since the Stonewall rebellion, I'm joining a lineup of leading artists curated by @lisaprojectnyc to celebrate PRIDE all year round. Based on my mural, "Don't Be Afraid of The World Where We Meet" is a signed & numbered screen print about Utena & Anthy from "Revolutionary Girl Utena". 
Click the link here to purchase:
The works will go live on Thursday (tomorrow), August 26 at 12pm EDT

"I'm so proud and beyond grateful to be part of NYC Pride x LISA Project's World Pride Murals at Welling Court Mural Projects 2019 — it’s such an honor to have a chance to celebrate how far we’ve come together through 50 years since Stonewall, as well as engage in important conversations that will continue to propel us forward. "
"I’ve decided to dedicate this mural to a seminal historical work in Queer anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena. Released in 1997, this series explores complex themes that were hugely ahead of its time: non-binary gender identification, challenging normative understanding of sexual orientations, surviving domestic violence, and empowerment through growth and acceptance. The love story of Utena and Anthy was a hugely influential part of my childhood, and I hope it can continue to inspire moments of growth for all of us!"
JCORP is an American visual artist, raised in Hong Kong and currently based in New York City. She is known for creating bright starry-eyed characters, through which she explores Asian pop culture iconography and story-telling in designer toys, street art, and illustrative paintings. She studied Visual and Critical Studies at the School of Visual Art where she earned her BFA.

In 2016, her virtual installation (created in collaboration with MTV) ‘Not Your Baby’ was exhibited at the White House Festival South by South Lawn. She is also the creator of ‘Boonicorn and Friends’, a designer toy, merchandise, and media brand that promotes love and friendship through a lovable unicorn character.

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