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Juan Muniz launches campaign to fund his "I'm Not OK" book which deals with suicide prevention


$25 gets you a copy of the book when published. CLICK HERE.

In any given year, approximately every 1 in 5  adults in the US experience a mental illness.   Suicide is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 10-24.  I believe that one of the most important ways to battle mental health illness is speaking up. As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety, I created a book that focuses on starting the conversation to help fight the stigma and taboo that is constantly encountered.  The book, “I’m Not Ok,”  allows us to realize that we are not alone in our thoughts. These illustrations helped me as I created them based on the emotions I feel and go through on a daily basis.  Creating these pieces of art along with the individual quotes can hopefully reach those who feel lost.  


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