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Kojira - Custom Dino by Jon-Paul Kaiser

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This wonderfully hand painted 4" Dino Figure, base by Ziqi Wu, is called Kojira. Created by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Kojira is a Koala wearing a Godzilla costume. Using a head from one of Luke Chueh's HeadSpace figures, along with a lot of sculpting, JPK was able to create the cosplay figure. JPK typically stays with a Black and white palette, using red for some accents, but Kojira shows some green and gold back plates, as well as a clean green and gold tattoo on the head of Kojira. This custom piece will be available for purchase through JPKs online store, on July 27th, 4PM GMT. With only one of these custom pieces available, interested parties will need to be quick on the trigger and checkout, in order to secure this piece for a collection.
- Mark-Anthony

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