Lacuna Sapling Kickstarter by Monster Ego Studios Now Live

Lacuna Sapling Kickstarter by Monster Ego Studios Now Live

A Lacuna sapling is a small creature destined to evolve into a guardian spirit, first however it will sprout from the life tree upon the realm keepers back and be dropped wherever balance may be needed in the amaranthine realm.

The Lacuna’s small form will fill with colour when it lands, it’s tiny spikes sometimes tinted a darker hue or emitting a glow of iridescence. It’s wide impish eyes will be a solid void of natural black absorbing all light that enters, and its bud shaped body will sit atop four delicate feet.

It is uncertain how the Lacuna Sapling develops its markings, on occasion it appears to emulate its surroundings if dropped into a particularly nefarious situation, hiding in plain sight from the more mischievous inhabitants of the Amaranthine realm. Other times the lacuna looks as though it may have absorbed the glow of one of Amaranthine’s enchanted regions, appearing as if a fairy-tale creature. Sometimes however the saplings appearance is so exceptional that it is as if the realm itself has corrupted the lacuna, not only imbuing it with its essence but also influencing its later mutation into something new completely, for not all Lacunas tread the same evolutionary path, many things can happen to change its mutations.

Though for the time being, this tiny creature knows it is to become something more than it is, something powerful, it will protect itself until the time comes. So as cute as they are, no feeding the lacunas….


About the creators:

I’m Brad aka Monster Ego and together with my partner Sweet Lady Jane we are Monster Ego Studios.

We would like to introduce our first art toy to Kickstarter The Lacuna Sapling. Lacuna Saplings are tiny creatures which we have taken out of our created world of Amaranthine and turned into these cool little toys. If you want to read more about the Amaranthine realm head to

The Lacuna Sapling is one of the first creatures I have designed and we have created a protype to ensure we able to deliver the art toy to you guys.

We have our 5 standard Lacunas, Yoku , Lotan , Irusu , Belle Ame and Yugen. There is also a very special Kickstarter exclusive called Ambedo… which will never be produced again.

There is also a very small run of retail exclusives on this kickstarter called ‘Nunchi’

A special feature with our Toys….

Each Lacuna Sapling Art Toy will come with a Unique number on its base. This number will signify not only what spirit it is destined to evolve or mutate into but also a cheeky little unique personal name (Zaphod/Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III/Keith etc) . Once the new owner of the Lacuna tags us in an Instagram post showing the Lacuna, and lets us know the unique number or emails us directly via the website or DM via Instagram/Twitter we will reply back with its Mutation and its name. The list of mutations and names are under strict lock and key deep within our vaults in the Lab but they are already generated, and ready to pass on.

We have already planned future releases of some of the evolutions into toys also, some will be common and some, super rare.

The toy itself stands just over 2 ½ inches in height and is made from polyurethane resin which is designed, sculpted and painted by myself.


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