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Mighty Mo Preorder

Mighty Mo OkeDoki Studio

Mighty Mo - Original Edition
Mighty Mo the rebel frog Prince is the first figure in the Star Born Series from Okedoki. Mighty Mo is posing on a removable base, along the shores of Misti Lake ready for adventure.
Mighty Mo's story is one of courage and determination. Cursed and transformed into a purple frog, Mighty Mo is exiled from the Golden Lotus Kingdom. With his trusty sword and a fighter's spirit, Mighty Mo vowed to one day return home a hero!
This has been a 2 year project and we are extremely happy to finally see this little rascal of a Prince come to life. Each figure includes a Certificate of Authenticity and special foil collector’s card packaged in laser etched Canadian birch wooden box.
Figures are individually signed and numbered by Okedoki.
Made by Okedoki Studio.
Limited Edition of 25

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