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Nerviswr3k Drone Show at DCon Booth 1213 - Click for photos!

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- art show blank custom dcon diy drone nerviswr3k

Nervis writes:

We want to present to you some photos of some custom drones that will be making their debut at designercon. the drone blank show hosted by “we are not toys”  at booth 1213 curated by yours truly. We hope this blank platform gave all artists involved a challenging and fun experience. We have about 40 artists showcasing their interpretations on my first diy blank. We will have only a handful of blanks left to sell at the con ( about 10).


Drone photos: 
  • Nemo 
  • The bots
  • Gorgocho.
  • Kindnuggets
  • Leecifer
  • Rask opticon
  • Jdmac sculpts
  • Melodreama
  • Dr Barbados
  • Evil Dave 
  • Ren one
  • Rarigrafix
  • Matt*a\angry artist
  • Jason Forbes 
  • Wetworks
  • Downtimer
  • Forces of dorkness
  • Tasha zimich


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