Nerviswrek Drone Blank Show at DCon Booth 1213

Nerviswrek Drone Blank Show at DCon Booth 1213

Nerviswrek Drone Blank show

Nerviswrek drops the info that there will be a custom show based on his Drone Blank resin figure at DCon this year!

The show, featuring 46 artists, will take place at Booth 1213. Artist roster will be as follows:

Here's what he wrote:

I finally got news from my first diy platform that is named “drone blank” this platform, I’ve been using since a few years back. It’s so versatile and transformative. This figure is designed and produced in-house with the help of a few resin wizards and a knowledgeable roster of talented artists, 46 artists to be exact.....painters, sculptors, resin artists, illustrators, sticker artists and graffiti artists will lend their skills to this show called “Drone Blank Show” this show will debut at this years Designercon or Dcon on November 16-18.

Pieces will be on display for the duration of the convention, after which will moved to an online show tba. Look at that impressive roster of talent, can’t wait to see what is conjured up.. sweet flyer designed by @anothersadartist go follow him on Instagram. To keep updated with news and wip pics, hit up my email at 

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