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Nerviswrek x DJ Qbert Rubbish Art Figure from Qbert’s Wave Twisters Movie

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Preorders now open for the Rubbish figure!

This is a collaboration between turntable legend Dj Qbert and artist Nerviswrek.
The first figure is none other than Rubbish from Dj Qbert’s Wave Twister movie and concept album of the same name. The Wave Twister story follows a dental commander and his group of misfit characters, including a breakdancing grandpa, a graffiti loving female. And of course, Rubbish.
Here’s all the info:
WaveTwister’s Rubbish limited edition art toy. 
  • $100 Preorder
  • Limited to 50 pieces
  • High quality resin
  • 3.75 inches tall
  • Handcasted &
  • handpainted in the USA
Preorder at www.nerviswrek.com

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