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New Custom Dunnys from Haus of Boz Drop Thurs Sep 13th

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- custom dunny haus of boz

A new set of custom Dunnys from Haus of Boz will be for sale on her site next Thursday September 13 at 8pm BST at the usual spot hausofboz.bigcartel.com
Pearl and Peewee: Pearl is ready for the party, hair combed, bow tied, and what outfit is complete without an ostentatious hat? So she’s bribed her friend PeeWee to sit on her head for a while and look pretty.
What was the bribe, dear reader, it’s a tin of delicious plankton and a book token. Score!
Muffles: Oh my goodness! A sweet baby! A little darling child of the forest! So fresh and new and full of childish innocence!
I saw you kick a squirrel, Muffles, I know what you did!

Kubby: Have you ever loved something that basically ruined your life? Oh Kubby, haven’t we all?
It was love at first sight for Kubby when he found this Puff-Weasel in a hedge, but it turns out that Puff-Weasels are wild, untamed, and shed coarse allergenic hair constantly. It’s too late for Kubby, he loves that weasel more than anything, through his sneezes and tears, it’s true love. Please though, for the love of god, don’t wake the weasel.

Flutter: Flutter always wanted to be a butterfly, so she made her own wings. Stitching needs a little work, but that’s not important when you’re running round the garden licking flowers and living your dreams.

Sproot: What do little forest goblins eat?
Apparently, Forbidden Apples. Yes, that’s right, *ahem* FORBIDDEN apples!
Sproot doesn’t care for your uptight rules. Munch munch, hope those apples aren’t poisonous!
Jeffree: If you have problems with fabulous hair vs sticky sweet treats Jeffree can relate. He tripped on his beautiful majestic mane while carrying a wobbling mountain of glazed donuts. He styled it out and now he’s really serving the look.
Dabby: It’s all very well being amphibious, but what if you don’t like getting wet?
Dabby has moistness issues, trying to stay dry but hydrated is a full time job for a pond dweller.

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