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One-Eyed Girl DCon Leftovers & Holiday Sale (read for code!)

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- one eyed girl

One-Eyed Girl writes:

DCon was an amazing, and I still have some pieces available for anyone who might not have been able to attend. All are listed in my shop now (https://squareup.com/store/oneeyedgirl) and since I missed Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, I have a holiday 10% off sale going on now until 12/20.  Coupon code JOLLY at checkout.

I have some leftover Fruity Tooties at $80 a piece, Mini Fruity Tooties at $45 a piece, Pie Pals at $100 a piece, Scratch 'N Sniff Ice Cream Bears at $75 a piece, and lots more yummy stuff.
The Ice Cream Bears' bellies are Scratch 'N Sniff, each smelling like the specific ice cream flavor (I only have strawberry and vanilla left!)  Scents will last for hundreds of scratches (or gentle rubs).  I get a huge kick out of the Scratch 'N Sniffs and get great reactions at the in-person conventions.  It's such a fun way to make art more interactive and spark conversation.  I even have some gross ones like stinky cheese and poop (it smells more like nasty garbage than poop.. but close enough), and the less disgusting pickles and honey.
Website: oneeyedgirl.com
Instagram: @kctararuj  http://instagram.com/kctararuj

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