paw! apex by coarse toys drops Feb 19th in their web shop

paw! apex by coarse toys drops Feb 19th in their web shop

The velocity of time

At night on the elastomer, the wind burns electric, the ground moans and sighs, and paw! sits up in the trees, looking over the planet he calls home.

How long has he lived here?
How long will he be here?

On the elastomer there are too many moons and not enough stars, so paw! has never had a way to measure time. He can feel the distance of every year behind him, yet each memory feels like the substance of a dream.

But still, he remembers:

The brush of noop’s hand against his ears.
The breeze of noop’s breath on his neck.
The blood of noop’s hand as he squeezes too tightly.

This is how paw! ended up in the trees, where he believed it was safer, where safety meant being alone.

How long ago did it happen?
How long must he remember?

A single memory can change your life.

But the wind burns, the ground sighs,
a day,
a month,
a year passes by.
(Even paw! knows what loneliness does to the velocity of time.)

A month,
A year,
his grip on the branches loosens.
A year,
a decade,
the wind,
the earth,

and gravity seems to have doubled its force, and for the first time since he climbed up here, paw! is descending, falling, plummeting back to the source of all his despair,

down to the elastomer, and as each second speeds faster paw! sees his future like a dream, discordant and mysterious, a gelatinous web, and as he watches his life unfold, the gray inside him bursts into a prism of every color, and he lets go of all the pain his past contains,

and already the ground has stopped moaning and sighing, and paw! knows this time will be so much different than before, because life can only be beautiful when you decide that it is.

paw! – apex

The anniversary edition of one of our most iconic designs celebrates ten years of paw!

paw! – apex bursts out of the past and into the present with a symphonic rainbow of colors. Echoing coarse’s history while staring resolutely into the future, paw! is determined to escape the weight of all his memories and experience the beauty of life.

This 12’’ [30.5 cm] vinyl sculpture comes in a classic coarse gift box reimagined for paw!’s return. The colored sponge will protect paw! as he leaves his past behind and builds a new future for himself with you by his side.

Your life is more than the sum of your memories. The present awaits your return.

paw! – apex
US$ 290
Limited to 299 pieces

On sale February 19 at

paw! – apex will be available Tuesday, February 19 at the following times exclusively at

07:59 am Los Angeles
10:59 am New York
04:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong

Each set contains one Family & Friends application card. Collect three of these cards to have access to pre-booking of all releases, an exclusive benefit for Family & Friends members.

Visit online for more details and engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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