Release Axólotl by Camote Toys ! ! !

Release Axólotl by Camote Toys ! ! !

- Artwork name: Axólotl
- Description:
Handmade resin toy sculpture.
Painted with spray paint, acrylic paint and protective finishing.
Limited to 8 figures. Signed and numbered.
Poly-bagged and carded with original artwork.
Size: 5 x 7,5 x 21 cm / 2 x 3 x 8.25 in
- Artwork info: Legend tells that, during the creation of the Fifth Sun, the gods sacrificed themselves in Teotihuacan to give movement to the sun and the moon. However, one of them, Xólotl, Quetzalcóatl's twin brother, refused to take part in the ritual and decided to flee. To hide from Ehécatl, the wind god in charge of the sacrifice, he used his abilities as a nahualli to hide among cornfields and magueys, but he was discovered each time. Finally, he took his last form in the lakes as an axolotl, where he was captured and killed as a tribute to humanity.

The day has come for Axolotl, the water monster that embodies the god, to wake up and claim the offering for his sacrifice along with the other Latin American Kaijus.

- Artist name: Camote Toys
- Location: Argentina
- Online store:
- Instagram:
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- Sale info:
- $50 each figure
- Release date: July 8th, 2021
- Available at online store for pre-order. Production is in the final stage of sanding and painting. Estimated shipping date is end of July, 2021.

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