Run-A-Mucks Mini Figures Series by Last Resort Toys on Kickstarter

Run-A-Mucks Mini Figures Series by Last Resort Toys on Kickstarter


Run-A-Mucks is a series of mini figures in the tradition of classics like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Monster in My Pocket. It is a set of 6 unique characters, each designed by a different artist, and sculpted by me, Bryan Fulk. Some of these are a bit more ambitious in design than your typical mini. This mostly means that I have allowed for more complex sculpting and molding than you might usually see in a straight forward 2-part molded mini figure. A couple of the characters are deeper and/or wider with more overall mass than average. Some characters have features smaller and thinner than you might normally expect and some will be molded in multiple parts to accommodate more complicated designs and more extreme angles than are typically possible in 2-part molding.  




These extra allowances translate to a more costly molding and manufacturing process, so consider this a deluxe series of mini figures. These figures require about twice the amount of steel molds a traditional set of 6 minis would need and more overall volume of product in the actual casting of the toys. They will fit nicely with your mini figure collection in size and scope, but you will find extra detail or girth to some of these toys. They will be injection molded PVC to assure a consistent and quality product.

Available here on Kickstarter is the classic 'flesh' colorway and also a Kickstarter exclusive green colorway--the first in a ROYGBIV rainbow set.

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