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Slobot x Anakin Present Anakinbots 4-inch Figures


Mike Slobot (www.slobots.com) and the band Anakin (www.anakinmusic.com) present the "AnakinBots", handmade collectible robot sculptures created by artist Mike Slobot and inspired by the music of Anakin, each individual bot within this limited edition set represents 1 specific album of 4 released by the band.

The nexus for these Slobots came from a mutual love of synthesizers, science fiction, space and most importantly robots.

These Slobots are one of a kind, hand created collectibles reserved to 5 pieces in each colorway.

  • 4" tall
  • Glow in the dark eyes and wires
  • Custom paint
  • Hand numbered
  • Limited to 5


Each set comes with 4 limited edition Anakin releases complete with lyrics.
Individual bots come in their own protective display case with custom numbered cards. Various hand-picked lyrics by Anakin are printed within the product case cards to keep each piece truly custom and unique.

Purchase Information: slobots.chancellorcreative.com

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