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Submerged Male & Female Wooden Sculptures by Yoskay Yamamoto x APPortfolio

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- apportfolio wood Yoskay Yamamoto

This artwork by Yoskay Yamamoto: The eyes are closed, and half of the head is
exposed under the water. This kind of image is common in the paintings of Yoskay
Yamamoto. The sculpture is called "Submerged". The boy with the moon on his
head, showing half of a head in the quiet sea, and the reefs side by side with the boy, it is as he is in an island. Don't you feel the boy is daydreaming or sleeping
deeply in this vast universe?

Material: hand carved / wooden sculpture with acrylic paint
Sculpture size: 35cm H (approx 13.5")
Price: $615 USD
Limited edition: 200
Online release time: 2018 Beijing time on December 6th at 10:00pm

Official sales channel: Https://apportfolio.shoplineapp.com/


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