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5thTurtle Dreamer Group Show - April 2021

5thTurtle Dreamer Group Show - April 2021

With 2020 coming to a close shortly, things are always rolling along for artists and his/her projects. 2021 looks to be no different for 5thTurtle artist Carlos Benitez. With just a teaser shot of some clear cast Dreamer figures and a long roll call of artists, the show is already shaping up to be a hit months in advance. What seems to originally have been planned as a group show, will now take place at Clutter Gallery, in Beacon, NY. Hopefully this means we will be able to see a solo show from Carlos sometime next year as well. For updates on the show and anything 5thTurtle, be sure to keep follow and keep an eye on all social media for 5thTurtle, as well as all of the artists listed in the roll call.


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