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SDCC 2019: WB and DC Collectibles Celebrate the Dark Knights 80th Anniversary

SDCC 2019: WB and DC Collectibles Celebrate the Dark Knights 80th Anniversary

The fine folks over at WB and DC Collectibles sent over some info regarding the reveal of an over 6 foot Life-Size Black and White Statue designed by Todd McFarlane! The statue will be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park, on June 17th, coinciding with Preview night of SDCC 2019. Check out the info below:
Special Over 6-Foot Life-Size Black and White Statue Designed by Artist Todd McFarlane 
to be Revealed During the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame Event on July 17
BURBANK, Calif. - (July 16, 2019) - In celebration of the 80th anniversary, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Collectibles announced today that the 100th Batman Black and White statue in the popular ongoing DC Collectibles line will be unveiled at the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con Museum on July 17. A special over 6-foot life-size version of the Todd McFarlane-designed statue will be revealed during a special ceremony recognizing DC’s iconic Super Hero, Batman, the inaugural inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Hall of Fame.
The milestone #100 statue is based off McFarlane’s own cover of Batman issue #423. As with the previous 99 in the series, McFarlane’s design, reinforces the core value of DC Collectibles to represent the printed page in 3D form and pays homage to Batman’s rich legacy.
Guests of the Museum will also have the rare opportunity to see the current 100-statue series throughout the week as part of The Batman Experience Powered by AT&T at the Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park. Not only will #100 be revealed with its special life-size version, but #99 by Doug Mahnke will be making its first public appearance.
Following the Comic-Con Museum launch event titled, “The Gathering” which will feature a “black carpet reception,” the life-size #100 Black & White statue will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the Comic-Con Museum.
“To simply be a part of the 80th anniversary of a character that has always held such a special place in my heart is an honor,” McFarlane said. “But in designing this statue I truly feel like I’m adding to Batman’s legacy and in the process benefitting a hall of fame that will become an institution both for comic fans and the San Diego community.”
DC Collectibles will give fans even more super-sized experiences and opportunities during Comic-Con week with:
  •  DC Collectibles will hold its annual panel, moderated by Samm Levine, in Room 9 on July 18 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. PT. Led by Executive Creative Director Jim Fletcher, the panel will also consist of special guests Todd McFarlane and Jake Castorena. From limited edition statues and action figures to prop replicas, busts, and vinyls fans can join the DC Collectibles crew to hear the latest exclusive news about what’s coming and how each designer turns their amazing ideas into fan-favorite items.

  • DC Collectibles will once again highlight new and never before seen sculpts and figures on the Comic Con floor this year in the all new DC and WB mega booth #4545. A few of the notable items to be displayed will include:
    • Batman Black and White #99 and #100
    • Batman Animated: The Adventures Continue Action Figures
    • DC Artists Alley: Aquaman by Chris Uminga and The Joker by Brandt Peters
    • DC Essentials: Batman, Poison Ivy, Superman (Black Suit) and Bizarro
    • DC Cover Cover Girls
      • Joelle Jones completes her run with the beautiful Catwoman Wedding Statue
      • Frank Cho takes over the line with his own take on the classic Batgirl 
    • And Many More!

For those in the area, be sure to head on over to the San Diego Comic-Con Museum and experience the celebration of the one and only Dark Knight Character!


- Mark-Anthony

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Toy Fair 2019 Reveal: DC Artists Alley James Groman Vinyl Figures (Video Coverage)

Toy Fair 2019 Reveal: DC Artists Alley James Groman Vinyl Figures (Video Coverage)

Batman, Joker, Two-Face and Killer Croc vinyl figures designed by James Groman
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DC Collectibles Reveals DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! - 7" Luchador Action Figures of DC Characters

DC Collectibles Reveals DC ¡LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! - 7" Luchador Action Figures of DC Characters

New Premium-Grade 9" DC PRIME Action Figure Line by Acclaimed Designer Duo Riccardo Federici and Wonil Song Set to Debut in 2019
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Review: DC Collectibles Artist Alley Series: Aritst Sho Murase

Review: DC Collectibles Artist Alley Series: Aritst Sho Murase

The wonderful people over at DC Collectibles sent over a few of their recently released DC Artist Alley designer vinyl pieces.DC Collectibles made a notable statement making a presence at the recent Designer Con(now located at the Anaheim Convention Center). DC Collectibles shared some of their future releases, which included a James Groman interpreted world of characters. This latest wave of figures features artist Sho Murase's new take on the Gotham City Sirens: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Each of these figures stand around 6.5" and have an MSRP of $40 a piece. Each piece is available in several different colorways including a "standard" paint, holiday colors, a rainbow iridescent and clear cast sparkle. Many of these pieces are widely available wherever comics are sold, but there are store exclusives available at Books-A-Million(Rainbow Iridescent) and Hot Topic(Clear Sparkle).

Not only are the sirens available to purchase now, some other figures were made available for purchase on December 12: Nightwing by HaiNaNu "Nooligan" Saulque, sculpted by Paul Harding; Batgirl by Sho Murase, sculpted by Sam Greenwell; and The Flash by Chris Uminga, sculpted by Joe Menna. These characters are also available everywhere comics are sold, with exclusive colorways being sold at Foot Locker, Books-A-Million, Boxed Lunch, Hot Topic and DC Universe members.

AUTHOR REVIEW and OPINION: The size of these vinyl figures is similar to other figures of the same size. All of these figures are supported by a round base, with the exception of Poison Ivy, which has a more ornate base, making this particular piece stand out a bit more than the rest. The holiday colors of white, red and green are festive and not over powering. The overall design of each figure stays true to both the character being created and the style of the artist, in this case Sho Murase. The separation joints are somewhat visible, but not too noticeable one on the shelf. I found the paint application to be good all around, considering the run size of each piece. Holiday Harley Quinn did have a bit of paint transfer on the base, from her boot, but again, not noticeable once on the shelf or in a display case. A quick look around the web, I found several places which already carry the pieces. I found it a little weird that the DC Comics shop has these DC Artist Alley pieces offered at more than the MSRP, with the exception of the DC Universe Exclusive white and gold Batgirl(which looks amazing). I think it's a good move to offer the DC Universe members their own exclusive colorway, given the membership being paid for the service. Back to the figures, each piece came with a printed art card, as well as a blank card, presumably to use as a sketch card for artist signings. The figures are light and packaged well, inside a sturdy box. The versions I received were all APs, so I'm not certain if the art cards come with every piece. I hope to be able to review more of these pieces in the future and look forward to seeing more come out of the DC Artist Alley line. FINAL VERDICT: These are worth the money for DC Comics fans and I would definitely purchase the colorways that fit my collection, not necessarily everything. I can see fans of particular characters being able to complete the colorway gambit without too much hassle.

About the Artist Sho Murase, from DC Collectibles:

Murase is a San Francisco-based artist but grew up in Barcelona, Spain. This mix of cultures is often reflected in her work, which has been described as a merging of western European art influences with Asian influences such as manga and sumi-e.

Instagram: @Shomoo

Site: Shomurase.com

Be sure to head over to Tenacious Toys on Facebook to see more pictures of the Holiday versions of Harley Quinn and Catwoman, as well as an Rainbow Iridescence Poison Ivy. Thanks goes out to Sara from DC Entertainment for providing the piece.

- Mark-Anthony

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DCON BOOTH #1500: DC Collectibles

DCON BOOTH #1500: DC Collectibles

For sometime now, DC Collectibles has been making strides into entering the Designer Toy market. Through collabs with Kidrobot, Clutter and Joe Ledbetter, to name a few. This year, DC Collectibles will head over to Anaheim for Designer Con 2018, appearing at Booth #1500. Rather than trying to paraphrase a well written press release, here is the info from DC Collectibles:

Taking center stage at the show is DC Collectibles’ artist-focused designer vinyl line, DC Artists Alley. DC Artists Alley is inspired by the popular “Artist Alley” convention experience and allows innovative artists to put their eccentric spin on DC’s most iconic characters. At DesignerCon, DC Collectibles will debut a DC Artists Alley convention exclusive variant of HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque’s Nightwing figure. The design embodies Nooligan’s signature offbeat art style and features a “streetwear” makeover of Dick Grayson, complete with casual sneakers and a custom Nightwing varsity jacket. The standard version hits stores in December 2018, but a special-edition black-and-gold Eclipse variant will be available to purchase exclusively at the convention. The con exclusive is limited to 200 pieces and includes an original sketch of a Batman family character, hand-drawn by Nooligan.


DC Collectibles will also give fans an up-close look at upcoming DC Artists Alley figures from artists Joe Ledbetter and Chrissie Zullo. Ledbetter’s anthropomorphic spin on Batman, the Penguin, Catwoman and Robin will be on display in the DC Collectibles booth alongside Zullo’s whimsical transformations of Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Both sets of figures will hit stores in 2019, but fans attending the show can purchase custom art prints from each artist…and that’s not all. DC Collectibles will also debut additional DC Artists Alley figures from a surprise artist to be announced at the show…stay tuned!


Here is the complete list of items available to purchase at the DC Collectibles booth (#1500):

  • DesignerCon Exclusive: DC Artists Alley Nightwing Eclipse Variant Designer Vinyl 6.75" figure (MSRP: $100.00) – Limited to 200 pieces
  • Clutter Double Cast Batman 7" figure (MSRP: $195.00) – Only 30 pieces will be sold at the show; Features glow-in the-dark skeleton
  • Limited-Edition Art Prints designed by Chrissie Zullo and Joe Ledbetter (MSRP: $40.00 each) – Limited to 50 prints per design
  • Limited-Edition Enamel Pins (MSRP: $10.00 each) – Limited to 50 pins per design

 About DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles is the award-winning line of collectibles directly from the source—DC. The collection includes limited-edition statues, action figures, prop replicas and busts inspired by DC’s iconic characters and stories. Based on unparalleled access to the source material, DC Collectibles delivers master designs and exceptional workmanship. For 20 years, DC Collectibles’ commitment to quality and authenticity has been recognized by DC fans worldwide.


Those attending Designer Con, be sure to head over to BOOTH #1500 and check out the latest from DC Collectibles. More collabs are likely down the pipeline, so keep a watchful eye out.



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