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Resin Garage Kit Releases Worth Coveting by Piyotycho

Resin Garage Kit Releases Worth Coveting by Piyotycho

"Hornpot" Original Character from Piyotycho

Piyotycho is a Japanese-based Illustrator I've followed on Instagram for a number of years, and the creator & author of original comic projects. A couple of my favourite recurring characters are "Hornpot" (pictured above) and "Clawia" (below).

"Clawdia" by Piyotycho

They're fun characters, and appear often on Piyotycho's feed, bursting with personality (among other personal assets). So, I was thrilled to see resin figure adaptations previewed for both these monster-babes. 

It's a lot of fun to see a character who appears exclusively in 2D media make the transition to 3D. And, on seeing these were garage kits (kind of a do-it-yourself resin toy assembly style, not uncommon in Japan), my first question was quite literally, how can I buy and paint this? The answer took a little digging. Sculptor @kuroganeT2 is responsible for the fun translation of characters to paintable resin kits, and has recently debuted them at 2 Japan-only exhibition events, Comike 94 and Osaka's GWC. 

 Updates on sales events are being posted to KuroganeT2's blog here, so I suppose for those of you like me who can't pop over to Japan for a quick shopping trip, we may be calling in a friend favour to acquire these awesome kits! You can find more of Piyotycho's art updates on Instagram @Piyotycho

-Tasha Zimich

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