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Espresso Head 6" figure by Sam Drew aka Lumps

Espresso Head 6" figure by Sam Drew aka Lumps

Espresso Head is for all the coffee lovers. It is a 6-inch figure with a clear dome lid and removable coffee jug.
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UK Artist Lumps Rolls Out Slumpo 6.5" Resin Figure

UK Artist Lumps Rolls Out Slumpo 6.5" Resin Figure


Sam Drew aka Lumps, illustrator and designer from Cardiff, UK, collaborated with Mighty Jaxx in 2017 on the first Lumps art toy 'Cig Pack'. Since then, Lumps has been hard at work sculpting his next art toy 'Slumpo' which will be produced under his own British design brand and will be released for pre-order on 3rd August 2018.
The toys will be produced in the UK using cast resin and hand painted.
About Slumpo
Slumpo's were a group of human beings who lived out their lives in an underground fast food testing facility established in the 1940’s.  Confined to small spaces and fed only on new burger and Pizza concepts, the humans no longer needed to move for work or food and they quickly evolved into obedient and deflated Slumpo’s.
Still in operation today, we have been able to locate the facility and smuggle out a limited number of Slumpo’s in old waste disposal boxes. The smuggled Slumpo's are now free and ready for a safe new home.
The Slumpo’s were all tagged and numbered for testing, but their old human names are included in each box. Please do not attempt to find or contact the food testing facility directly as you will be putting the freedom of thousands of Slumpo's at risk.
Warning:  Please do not place your Slump near fast food as this will be too tempting for them.
  • Hand Sculpted by the artist Lumps
  • Limited Edition - Each is numbered on the yellow testing tag
  • Signed and numbered on the base of the toy
  • Material: Cast Resin & Acrylic Paint
  • Includes a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity by the artist.
  • Handmade in Britain
  • Dimensions - Approx. 17x17x11cm (LxWxH)
Pre-Order Details
Expected to Ship:
October 2018 (Guaranteed delivery before Christmas)
Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final piece may differ slightly in appearance.
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