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'ART TOYS This is How We Do it !' Now Available By Matt Jones!

'ART TOYS This is How We Do it !' Now Available By Matt Jones!

ART TOYS – This is how we do it.
Written by Matt Jones and Editor Jason Nagy
Want to become an Art Toy designer and see how Art Toys are produced? Now you can
learn from the best in the industry!
All the in’s and out’s of what’s needed to get your designs into production.
– 30 Pages of useful information:
12 key chapters – Covering basics such as What is an Art Toy? Making sure you are prepared
before you begin with topics like project set-up and 3D CAD modelling tips. Helpful
information about production including vacuum casting, using resin, and injection moulding
techniques. Even essential networking tips with production factories and industry
professionals is covered.
You can expect tips and tricks gained through my years of experience. But, I brought along
some friendly professionals to share their knowledge, too! Hear 3D CAD tips from Caitlin
Ashford, casting advice from Evan Morgan, and even advice from toy producers, Unbox

– Available now as a PDF Download eBook.
RRP: £5 per download
Lunartik website shop:
Plastik-Surgery Website shop:

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