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DKE Toys at DCON 2018 Booth #2523: Colonel Sandroid

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DKE Toys at DCON 2018 Booth #2523: Colonel Sandroid

Countdown to Designer Con 2018! With less than a few weeks to go, DKE is starting to roll out there releases. First up is Colonel Sandroid by Nekosatsu Toys. These 3.75" carded figures are each hand cast and painted, while also being limited to only 22 pieces. Priced at $45 a piece, this would probably go good with some fried chicken. DKE Toys will be located at Booth #2523. Instagram: @nekosatsu As always, here's a little note from DKE Toys: If you can’t make it to DCON please email dketoys@gmail.com to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show. ...

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