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Juan Muniz Launches Ninobuni World

Juan Muniz Launches Ninobuni World

BIG PROPS to Juan Muniz for Launching his new Ninobuni World brand: https://www.ninobuniworld.com/

Ninobuni World is a lifestyle brand based off the artwork and imagination of artist and illustrator Juan Muniz.  Being diagnosed with Depression and anxiety, Juan's artwork has always been focused on expressing his emotions and thoughts.  In a world where mental health is not commonly spoken out loud, Juan wanted to take his art and create a brand that not only tries to start the conversation about mental health but also help break the stigma that surrounds speaking up and attempting to get help.  

Every character living in the Ninobuni World are just like us.  They represent different feelings and emotion as well as diagnoses that effect us all in the world we live in today. We hope to help people understand Mental Health a little better while opening up to others to reach the goal of ending the silence.


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