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DKE NYCC 2018: RYCA releases

DKE NYCC 2018: RYCA releases

Continuing the daily dose of DKE releases for NYCC 2018, Booth #575, the next reveals are from British artist RYCA. The first is a 5" Statue of Liberty inspired piece called The Liberator. Priced at $55 a piece, each Liberator is hand cast and hand painted, packaged on a custom card back..
The second release from RYCA is a continuation of his Cross Section series with Cross Section Ninja. Priced at $60 a piece, each 5" figure is hand cast and painted, while also being limited to only 75 pieces.

Instagram @ryca_artist


As with all DKE releases, for those who cannot make it out to NYCC 2018, email DKETOYS at Gmail to be placed on a waitlist for the leftovers.

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