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Mecha-Frogs 3.25 inches tall by Sentinel Co Available Now! ! !

Mecha-Frogs 3.25 inches tall by Sentinel Co Available Now! ! !

KerouNen is an exciting collaboration between renowned indie mech-designer Kow Yokoyama and equally famous cute character creator Takeyama Noriya.

Produced by Sentinel Co. Ltd., these soft vinyl Mecha-Frogs stand 3.25 inches tall, are fully pose-able and feature a detachable tadpole pilot.

Series 2 features four all new patterns and colorways.

  • Fuku-zou (Orange)
  • Ken-zou (Yellow)
  • Robo-zou (Grey)
  • Rai-zou (Metallic Blue)

Each KerouNen will be sold separately. Collect them all!!

Sentinel Co., Ltd. 
Aizumi Ueno Bldg. 3F
1-18-10 Ueno, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 110-0005 JAPAN

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Sentinel Japan presents Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)

Sentinel Japan presents Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)

Sentinel Japan is proud to present Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)
our second figure in the Chou-Dan-Kadou Yoroi Den Samurai
Troopers line.


Armor Warrior Seiji Date is a descendant of the General “Date” Clan
and inherits the spirit of “Respect”

Seiji’s special move is RAIKOUZAN - concentrating the energy of light
onto his blade to slash the enemy.

This anime-accurate highly articulated figure comes with a gorgeous
set of Under-Gear and Yoroi-Gear (armor). The product is fully
articulated enabling Seiji to perform various fighting actions. Equip
Seiji with the Yoroi-Gear and various optional parts for a supreme
customizing experience! The Armor-Gear can also be displayed using
the pedestal frame as seen in the anime!

The figure comes with 3 kinds of facial expressions and includes an
armor mask. You will be amazed with the impressive workmanship
done by Yuta Fukuya with the detailed reproduction of Seiji’s
signature hairstyle and his facial expression!

The “Halo” Yoroi-Gear holds the power of light. This product comes
with a dedicated pedestal frame which reproduces the “Armor State”.
A “Shogi” is also included in the package to display Seiji sitting down
with his Armor-Gear equipped. The leg armor has a magnet built-in
to attach/detach the armor.

Having a wide range of motion, Seiji can hold the Halo sword with
both hands allowing various powerful poses! The weapon can be held
in Seiji’s hand or attached to Seiji’s back with a special hanger. The
long Halo Sword extends up to the entire length of the figure
precisely replicating the anime. The blade is detachable and can be
used as a “Shuriken” and “Kunai”.

The product is made with ABS Plastic with gloss finish. Producing a
sharp and solid feel to the Samurai Trooper. The HALO Armor-Gear is
reproduced with a new molding for better presentation of the
Samurai Trooper in both Under-Gear state and Armored state.

Product Line: Chou-Dan-Kadou Samurai Troopers
Product Name: Sage of the Halo (Kourin No Seiji)


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