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MegaSeth the Rocker by ibreaktoys x The Toy Chronicle x Clutter ! ! !

MegaSeth the Rocker by ibreaktoys x The Toy Chronicle x Clutter ! ! !

Ready to raise hell, MegaSeth ain’t here to play games. Standing 5inches tall, and made soft vinyl, MegaSeth is ready to rock your collection. Designed by ibreaktoys and produced by Clutter. Raise your horns and bow down to MegaSeth the Rocker. This ain’t a toy, it’s a lifestyle.

MegaSeth the Rocker is limited to only FIFTY (50) pieces and will be priced at $106.66 (the number of the digital beast, obvs) + shipping. This MegaSeth edition comes wearing the TTC Family tee, naturally! MegaSeth is AVAILABLE TO SHIP! 

The Toy Chronicle have been mega fans of ibreaktoys’ MegaSeth for sooooo many years now, so many! There is a video knocking about the internet of our first TTC encounter with MegaSeth in 2013 after the first ever ToyConUK in London. Bringing MegaSeth to live with Clutter & ibreaktoys was a dream come true for TTC. The first time we saw The Toy Chronicle stamped on the foot of MegaSeth we may have raised our horns to the sky and let out a little weep! We hope you love MegaSeth as much as we do!"



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