Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive - James Groman Gorilla Vinyl Figure Yeti Edition

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive - James Groman Gorilla Vinyl Figure Yeti Edition

Tenacious Toys has announced another NYCC 2019 exclusive for booth 780:

NYCC will mark the introduction of the new GoGORILLA designer toy by superstar toy designer James Groman. Groman's latest work is a fresh take within the gorilla genre; a bespectacled gorilla character designed for the New York City based media giant GoGORILLA Media.

This Gorilla is made of vinyl, 8 inches tall and features 3 points of articulation. The Tenacious Toys exclusive Yeti Edition in classic blue and white is limited to just 200 pieces at $80 each.

At booth 780, fans can purchase this Yeti edition, the classic brown "original" edition and several more custom one-off Gorillas created by artists Big C and Playful Gorilla.

All leftover items from the Tenacious Toys booth, exclusive or otherwise, will become available online on the Tenacious Toys NYCC 2019 page on October 5th or 6th.


About Tenacious Toys
Tenacious Toys is an NYC-based online designer toy shop specializing in vinyl art toys, handmade resin collectibles and one-off custom toys.

About the Tenacious Collective
Every year at NYCC, Benny Kline gathers a wide variety of indy creators and artists to provide the most interesting and varied shopping experience in The Block. This year, the Tenacious Collective occupies booths 780, 876 and 882. This is the 10th consecutive year that Tenacious Toys has exhibited at NYCC.

Members of the Tenacious Collective:

1. NUGGLIFE (custom toys & streetwear / apparel)
2. Bun Leung (illustrations, prints, sketches, stickers)
3. BlaqLion3 (resin, custom toys, prints & art)
4. EFUE (toys, art, apparel & pins by Mike Die, I Saw a Dino, ChristieBear & Anthony Respect)
5. SeeOne / Nitelyfe Pins (pins, art, books)
6. Furry Feline Creatives (plush, resin figures, tees, apparel, art prints, tote bags and novelties such as pins and stickers)
7. Black Drove (kaiju & sofubi handpainted, one-offs and micro runs)
8. Concrete Jungle (resin statues)
9. Kudoze (original art, prints & stickers)
10. Tenacious Toys (exclusive and non-exclusive resin vinyl art toys, action figures and custom toys, featuring a 1000toys Pop-Up Shop)


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