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The Thing Resin Minifigure Series - Bennings-Thing from Pickman’s Vinyls

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- pickmans vinyls resin the thing

Pickman’s Vinyls is excited to announce the Fifth offering in the ongoing The Thing Minifigure Series- Bennings-Thing! 
The Bennings-thing represents the infamous scene where Macready reveals “It Isn’t Bennings.” as the creature lets out an inhuman bellowing. To further recreate this moment, the deluxe edition will include a tipped over kerosene barrel accessory. 
The standard edition will have a price point of $15.00 plus shipping, and a run of 20 pieces. 
The deluxe will include a tipped over kerosene barrel, and have a price point of $16.00 plus shipping, limited to 10 pieces. 
Bennings-Thing will go on sale Friday, May 10th at 8pm CST at
Minifigure Designs and Character Art by Mike Alvarez: @zaracis
Header Art by Ruth Mendez: @themendezruth
Sculpt, Cast and Production by Pickman: @pickmansvinyls

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