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The Thing Resin Minifigure Series - R.J. Macready + Mailaway Offer from Pickman’s Vinyls

pickmans vinyls resin

After a successful launch in January, Pickman’s Vinyls will release entry two in The Thing Resin Minifigure Series this February: R.J. Macready
Macready will have a limited number of presale available before the official release.  The presale figure will include a bonus flame accessory that pegs into the barrel of his flamethrower (as seen above).
Each Minifigure will have a price point of $15.00 plus shipping.
Presale for Macready goes live on Friday, February 8th at 8pm CST at www.pickmansvinyls.bigcartel.com 
With a full release following one week later on February 15th at 8pm CST.
Along with the release of Macready, we’re also excited to officially reveal the “THING REVEALED!” Mailaway offer:
Collect three blood test points from minifigure packaging and e-mail images of them, plus shipping and handling, to Pickman’s Vinyls and you’ll receive a choice of two team members to test that could reveal who’s infected! 
Your choice will unlock one of two exclusive Mailaway packs:
Pack 1: “That Thing didn’t wanna be a Dog” -includes a trading card of your tested character, blood sample sticker #1, and mystery Minifigure #1 
Pack 2: “I guess you’re Human.” 
-includes a trading card of your tested character, blood sample sticker #2, and mystery Minifigure #2. 
The mailaway offer will run from April 1st through August 31st, 2019. Look for the official mailaway flyers included in the next two Minifigure releases! 
Designs and Character Art by Mike Alvarez: @zaracis
Header Art by Ruth Mendez: @themendezruth
Sculpt, Cast and Production by Pickman: @pickmansvinyls

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