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ThinkGeek Moving Day Sale: 50% OFF! Limited time only. Code is MOVINGDAY

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ThinkGeek has announced their merger into GameStop - they were part of the same company all along but now they are consolidating.

That means they have to streamline all their operations, including their product fulfillment pipeline and warehousing system.

That's a lot of industry jargon for a MOVING DAY 50% OFF SALE!

Click here and use code MOVINGDAY to get 50% off a METRIC ASS LOAD of awesome collectibles! They do have a Clearance section with discounted prices - I just used the Dark Crystal figure below to verify that YES, the MOVINGDAY code does in fact give you 50% off the CLEARANCE PRICE. Chamberlain was $39.97 on clearance but with the MOVINGDAY code it went down to $19.98. WOW.

Seriously jump on this sale. Super prices. You're welcome.


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