Unruly Industries X Urban Aztec

Unruly Industries X Urban Aztec

Recently released during the craziness that is SDCC, Unruly Industries (via Sideshow Collectibles) revealed a pair of Marvel x Urban Aztec x Unruly Industries designer toys. Jesse Hernandez, of Urban Aztec, took 2 iconic Marvel characters and gave them his Urban Aztec design styling. Wolverine and Iron Man are the (hopefully the first) 2 characters which were revealed. Previously only seen as mocked up renderings, these 2 designer toys, have been a long time in the making technically. With the wider reach of collectors that Sideshow Collectibles has, projects like this one will hopefully pave the way for more collabs with designer toy centric artists.


Iron Man Pre-Order Page SRP: $125

Wolverine Pre-Order Page SRP: $130

- Mark-Anthony

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