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Whiteboy x Wasted Talent Kush Attoms resin figures drop Jan 25

-TENACIOUS NINJA BLOG- custom nasty neil resin wasted talent

This is the "Kush Attoms" collaboration with Whiteboy x Wasted Talent. 

Graham Bennett also know as Whiteboy came up with  "Attom" - a hyper transparent green lil blobby type monster with one eye. He sent one out to Nasty Neil of Wasted Talent to customize. Nasty did his signature marijuana technique and created one that looked like a bud with gold teeth and a bloodshot blue eye then mailed it back from New York to California.
After, he asked Neil if he wanted to do a limited run of 20 of these. So a mold was made from the original custom piece and made 20 new resin pieces and mailed them back to New York so Nasty Neil could paint and assemble them, but this time he had the help of "All Chrome Everything" from Florida to make the teeth a chrome gold that's so shiny you can see your own reflection in it. Only 20 will ever be made, all individually hand painted and detailed by Nasty Neil in collaboration with Whiteboy. Kush Attoms is finally done! It also comes with an 11" x 14" digital art poster. 
Available Jan 25th on attombomb.bigcartel.com and www.wstdtlnt.com for $125 each with free shipping. 

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