Nu:Synth Punk Drunkers AITSU 1:12-scale action figure by 1000toys

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UN:SYNTH HEROES is a 1000toys collaboration with Japanese Street Wear superstars Punk Drunkers. AITSU is the signature mascot for the Punk Drunkers brand which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year!

All figures in the nu-synth initiative are based on 1000toys groundbreaking hyper articulated 1/12 scale Synthetic Human featuring unmatched poseability plus a modularity that allows you to mix and match parts with other releases in the line.

AITSU comes with multiple handsets, fun accessories and an old-school blister package.

  • 1:12-scale (approx 6" tall)
  • blister carded
  • highly articulated and modular
  • produced by 1000toys

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