Martin Hsu Dragon Dog 8-inch Plush

$ 25.00 $ 34.99
  • 8" plush
  • designed and produced in limited quantities by Martin Hsu
  • comes with Certificate of Adoption
  • in stock now
Dragon Dog, or more famously known as Blacky (vinyl figure), is the sidekick to Dragon Boy. He's inspired by my dog from childhood- a big fluffy black chow chow (purple tongue) who was the most loving and exuberant companion anyone could have.
Dragon Boy travels in a foreign land in search of his origins by facing demons, slaying egos, and following his bliss. As illustrated in my new book Dragon Boy Tales, we see Dragon Boy always following his dog on his adventures; as Dragon Dog represents his bliss. 
The Dragon Dog plush comes with a customizable dog tag inspired by Dragon Ball for collectors to name their own dog. Each pup also comes with a Certificate of Adoption- to ensure a lifetime of care, love, and cuddles. Each certificate is approved and signed by Dragon Boy (Martin Hsu).