Matt A* x Forces of Dorkness Giveaway

WIN THIS SCULPTURE! Enter to win this beautiful 11-inch-tall, one-of-a-kind sculpture by Matt A*, hand-painted by Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness, valued at $450!Tenacious Toys is proud to support Matt A* and Forces of Dorkness in this giveaway. Tenacious Toys (Benny Kline) will promote and run the giveaway, compile the emails and pick the winners. ENTRY:Entering is simple: email me an email by April 25th with the word ENTER in the subject line.RULES:1. One entry (one email) per person. I will pick winner from a list of email addresses, and I will only put your email address in once, so emailing me more than once will not increase your chances. 2. Open to US residents only because shipping this piece overseas is risky. All 3 of us have had overseas packages lost or arrive broken.3. Must email me by April 25, 2014 to enter. 4. Winner picked randomly using a list of emails in a spreadsheet (numbered) and using's Random Number Generator.5. This contest IS OPEN to people who are currently on the Tenacious Toys email list! Feel free to send me the email with ENTER in the subject to enter. You are NOT automatically entered into the contest without that email entry.TERMS AND CONDITIONS:1. One winner will be picked from the entrants on April .... 2. Your entry into this contest will function as your explicit agreement to be added to the email lists of Matt A*, Forces of Dorkness and Tenacious Toys. If you do not wish to be on our email lists, you cannot enter. (All email lists have an unsubscribe option)3. Email address list of entrants compiled by Tenacious Toys will be given to both Matt A* and Forces of Dorkness to add to their own email lists.4. This sculpture is priced at $450. This contest is for the sculpture only. Prize cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. Yes, we really are giving away a $450 sculpture! 5. We will pack and ship the prize with care.... but we are not responsible, financially or otherwise, should this piece arrive broken. Matt A* will not fix it, Scott will not repaint it. We will not send winner money. We will not reimburse for damage.6. If you bombard me with emails, I will get annoyed and drop you entirely from the contest. One email per person please. I won't even tell you I'm dropping you... you just won't win. 7. Your entry into this contest is your explicit agreement to the terms and conditions described above.
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