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Bubbles Convention Exclusive 2" vinyl figure by The Bots & UVD Toys

$ 30.00

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Luna’s companion and faithful sidekick, a six-legged creature that moves lightning quick. With a grumpy demeanor and huge underbite, she follows the glow of Luna’s night lights! Made from vinyl, Bubbles stands 1.5 inches tall and is 2 inches wide. She fits perfectly under Luna's lanterns and looks just as good by herself.

  • designed by The Bots
  • produced by UVD Toys
  • 1.5" tall
  • vinyl
  • Convention Exclusive Blueberry color variant
  • limited to 75 pieces in this color


Ask a Question
  • Is it ok in case a young child gets hold of it (everything goes in mouth and gets chewed on).

    NO. Please do not give anything you see on this site to a child. Nothing on this site is child-safe.

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