Luna Long Night Edition 6.5-inch vinyl figure by The Bots

$ 60.00
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  • vinyl
  • 6.5" tall
  • designed by The Bots (Jenn and Tony)
  • produced by UVD Toys
  • edition size: 75
  • full color box with clamshell

Deep in the Appalachian foothills lives a creature as shrouded in mystery as the people that reside there. To locals, she is the lantern monster. To cryptozoologists, she is known as Luna.

She is the Appalachian version of a tall tale, a story shared in every house that grows with every generation. Everyone remembers the first time they saw her glowing lanterns pass from one end of the woods to the other, flickering, slowly swaying until they were seemingly snuffed out or became too distant to make out anymore.

Rumored in the holler to be the reaper, her lanterns are lit by the souls of the animals she ushers to the great beyond.

Gossiped in the coal mines to be the keeper of a great treasure, the moonlight glints off the gold she carries in the lanterns on her massive antlers.

And argued over moonshine that in your darkest hours, no matter how big or small, human or beast, her lanterns will lead you through the darkest of nights.

he is a ghost, an enigma, and yet the stories of her existence continue to grow.